Fargo Capital, Inc.is currently acquiring Retail Commercial Centers with poor rental roles as short term investment properties.

Our current lending partners provide 80 to 90% LTV of the acquisition. The balance is provided by interested investors or investment groups. In the event of more than one investor, an LLC is formed and the revenue is split according to investment percentages.

Investors earn 30% of the monthly Net Revenue until it is resold. At the time of the Sale, the Investors earn 70% of the Net Proceeds. Some properties and Investors may hold on to the property as along term investment while others prefer to resale the property within 36 months.

These acquisitions are based on property value and not the investors credit scores. Most properties are acquired below market value as a result of poor performance due to mismanagement and the Seller’s decision to unload the property.

We also offer investment opportunities in multi-family properties.

For more investment opportunities and information, email Walter Roberts, VP, Business Development. Walter@fargo-lending.com